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Eric Koston & Guy Mariano Debut “NUMBERS / EDITION 2” With Two New Members

02 June, 2017

Professional skaters Eric Koston and Guy Mariano follows up the introductory video of Numbers, their newest board company, with Edition 2 today. Featuring two new members of the team with Kyron Davis and Magnus Bordewick from Europe, in addition to other pro skaters such as Miles Silvas, Antonio...

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Early 2000s Throwback Jerseys Are Making A Comeback

02 January, 2017

Image via Getty/KMazur There’s a scene in Season 4 of The Wire when the character Bodie (played by J.D. Williams) is reminiscing about the old days on the block. Slim Charles (played by Anwar Glover), part of the new regime now running the streets, interrupts: “The thing about...

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How Did We Get a J.R. Smith Tattoo T-Shirt?

30 June, 2016

The fashion industry has always had a complex and often unusual fascination with tattoos. Late clothing mogul Christian Audigier (of Von Dutch fame) turned the work of a tattoo artist with a niche audience, Ed Hardy, into a global phenomenon. High-end labels like Gucci and Maison Margiela have...

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Kendrick Lamar Performs Special Tribute for Kobe Bryant Dubbed 'Fade to Black'

12 April, 2016

Kendrick Lamar is on a mission to help you understand what the legacy of Kobe Bryant has meant to the City of Angels. The Compton-bred rapper performed a special tribute for the Los Angeles Lakers star written by ESPN's Robert "Scoop" Jackson and simply titled "Kobe Bryant: Fade to...

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Money Can Buy Happiness, So Long as You Spend it Correctly Says Study

11 April, 2016

Being happy is as easy as buying that new pair of sneakers you've been starving yourself to cop, studies have previously shown, disproving that money can't buy happiness. Just last week a study revealed traveling leads to more sex, feeling younger, and, yes, feeling happier. You'll probably need...

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