Get Introduced to the Website That's Changing How You Buy Sneakers Online


There are more than enough sneakers on the Internet, with many retailers stocking similar product, but actually finding the right color and size can be a hassle if someone doesn’t have a list of stores to search through. One site is looking to make that process a lot easier. Everysize, a German site, just launched this week and it’s streamlining the process of scoring the right pair of shoes in the proper size.
The concept of the site is quite simple: Search for whatever sneaker you’re looking for and the site shows how many retailers have the product available and in what sizes. The user can then shop around and choose where they want to make the purchase. As of right now, the site is pooling its data from 14 different online stores in Germany, including known names such as Solebox, Overkill, andAsphaltgold, with plans to launch internationally in January 2016.
The idea of Everysize comes from its co-founder, Pascal Prehn, who’s a known name in the German sneaker scene. He previously served as Editor-in-Chief ofSneaker Freaker’s German publication, along with being the founder of Sneakerness Germany, one of Europe’s biggest sneaker shows.
“When I worked for Sneaker Freaker, we were asked the same question everyday: ‘Can you help me find this sneaker in my size?’” Prehn says. “Stores would send us info on their releases, asking if we could post them on our Facebook and website, so that people see them and probably buy them. But the problem was: We could not post the same shoes every day from over 100 stores.”
Prehn’s time at Sneaker Freaker is what enabled him to set up this web of stores and link up their combined stocks to better serve the consumer. “I know nearly 90 percent of the sneaker stores through my time with the magazine,” he says. “Stores were having a problem of not being able to sell through their product. They had a problem with Google and doing marketing on their own. Unless you are a famous store, no one knows about you. The stores might be in a smaller city, but they still have a web store.”
At the moment, Everysize is offering more general release product than limited-edition sneakers, but that might change in the future. “The limited stuff gets sold out pretty quick, it’s difficult to get these on the page,” Prehn says. “Nearly 95 percent of the limited shoes are sold out online. We do have quickstrikes on our site and some limited-edition stuff, but the collab shoes are difficult to display, as they are sold out in-store and mostly don’t go online.”
The site, being based in Germany, still has its fair share of Jordans that are hard to find in the States. As Prehn jokes, “You Americans and your Jordans,” but it’s a great way for Stateside sneaker fans to get their hands on footwear that has long sold out domestically.
There have been other sites with buy it now links to sneakers, but Everysize is doing things a little differently, and it could make all of the difference.

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