New Music: DUBB - Soul Of A Panther (Available on Itunes)

Once again we are blessed with great new music from DUBB  (Determined Unique Beyond Belief).   His new album "Soul Of A Panther" touches on the reality we are living in today with segregation, racism and black on black crimes.  Today, the hip-hop music that continues to be released is becoming overly repetitive with the same sounds, the same styles, feigning to just get some radio play.  There isn't any substance to most of the artists emerging.  
DUBB on the other hand is the exact opposite.  He continues to create soulful music along with meaningful messages which separates him and puts him at a level above the rest.  Beats, rhythm and production are always A+ with DUBB  All around a great product that is definitely worth the $10.  Support the emerging artists! 
Soul of a Panther features: Abryanna Curtiss, Raheem Devaughn, Jake & Papa, and China Marie)
Hard Copy Available on:

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