Experience Dubai’s Many Luxuries Through the Eyes of Madcap BMXer Nigel Sylvester

Following stops in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, BMX pro Nigel Sylvester delivers the fourth installment of his GO! series, this time hitting the sandy desert streets of Dubai. Shot entirely from his point of view with GoPro’s latest camera, the NYC-native offers a thrilling look at the luxurious Middle Eastern metropolis, including everything from skydiving and jet-skiing, to playing with exotic animals and eating with Salt Bae. Needless to say however, Nigel’s trusty red two-wheeler from Animal Bikes tags along wherever he goes.


Enjoy the exhilarating seven-minute long video above, before heading over to onlygo.co for more on Nigel’s Dubai excursion. Although he and Tinie Tempah hint at London being the fifth destination for GO!, what city would YOU like to see Nigel in?

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