Watch the Dern Brothers Skate and "Murder" Their House During Quarantine

Skating brothers Dalton and Kanaan Dern have won the “Murder Your House” contest and their winning compilation of skate clips has now been released.
During the global quarantine, skaters have found it difficult to cope, not having the ability to skate outside as they normally could. To remedy this, beverage company Liquid Death and The Berrics introduced the “Murder Your House” contest that asked to skate in, on, through and around your house for grand prizes. The Dern Bros not only went through the contest of skating in and on the house, but also built elaborate ramps, fixtures, additions and more into a “bust-free spot” in Apopka, Florida.
The installation is quite impressive, as it incorporates half and quarter pipes, rails, gaps, and fixtures for the widest range of skating. Alongside the additions, the pair also show footage of them skating through their house, riding along their pool table, ollie-ing over their truck and more. Lastly, rain gave the makeshift skate park the ability for skidding and sliding, while the backyard fire pit allowed for airwalks over controlled pyrotechnics.

The brothers won six months of their rent/mortgage — up to $10,000 USD — paid and 20 cases of Liquid Death Mountain Water as the grand prize for their impressive video showcase.

Watch “The World’s Greatest Skateboarding Quarantine” above and home-skate at your own risk. In other related news, legendary skater Steve Caballero opens up his house for “The Grand Tour.”

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The Berrics

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