Watch the Mesmerizing Monochromatic Visuals of ‘Skater’s Paradise: On/Off’

Youri Fernandez is a visual artist focused on video and performance who lends his filmmaking talents toward the art of skateboarding. The video above is a monochromatic portrait of four borders (including Fernandez) as they skate around various spots in Berlin. The visuals are produced with a metronomic track from electronic artist Petit Fantôme. The music utilizes ethereal ambiance and a floating synth. The film is part of the HOW MANY BPM? project; a performance and installation series founded in 2014 where skateboarders become human metronomes as they ride back and forth on a ramp.


The project was originated by both Fernandez—co-founder of Berlin-based skateboard brand and art collective FLVR—and visual artist Iouri Camicas.

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