Above Royalty Clothing's original roots developed from the bay area, San Jose, CA in 2006. Back then known simply as "AR Clothing" came to an abrupt end in 2007. Fast forward to 2010; Above Royalty Clothing was created in Santa Barbara, CA. That same year Above Royalty Clothing signed the first sponsored skater onto the flow skate team.

In the beginning during 2010, we created stencils of our trademarked logo and sprayed painted them onto shirts. Shortly after, 2011, we began screen printing our trademarked logo onto shirts and hoodies out of our garage. The philosophy for Above Royalty Clothing was to first develop a foundation to build upon. To brand ourselves and create a fan base following. In 2012, we partnered with a local screen printing shop in Santa Barbara, CA to step up the level of production. Again, continuing to only print our trademarked logo. The idea was to become recognizable not only throughout the town of Santa Barbara but all through California & other states. The plan has been working tremendously and we couldn't be happier witnessing the continuous levels of progression within Above Royalty Clothing.

Beginning 2013, Above Royalty Clothing re-located to Santa Monica, CA. The resources in Los Angeles from the fashion district and the network of people to work with made it a easy decision to make the move. Beginning of 2014, Above Royalty Clothing took a step into the next level with the opening of our first production facility in Orange County, CA. In a few years, with limited budgeting, Above Royalty Clothing has expanded into a fully developed men's brand. From only producing basic screen printed shirts in the beginning, to now creating a wide range of products from scratch with our cut & sew department in the California. It's been a exciting beginning during these first few years. The focus is to expand globally as a brand.

Every day there is a new lesson to be learned and more knowledge to be gained. Above Royalty Clothing was not started for the money involved but for the love of fashion, skateboarding. Bringing different worlds of talented, motivating, and ambitious individuals together. For what the mind of an individual can perceive and believe, can be achieved. If you remain persistent and faithful to your process; you will be guided along the path of your destiny. It's about living above the daily noise that surround around lives, the media, politicians, authorities & royalties. Together, we can expand our minds and find creative ways to rise above.